What makes a good business card?Without doubt face to face introductions makes long lasting mark on the successful positioning of your business. A business card is the first impression and most probably a follow up reminder to your prospects/ potential clients showing them why you are the best at what you do.

So what does it take to create a good business cards?
1. A CLEAR POSITIONING STATEMENT – This is the one statement that differentiates you from your competitors and also showcases your value and/or ability. (for example Red Cross – the greatest tragedy is indifference)
2. FUNCTIONAL CONTENT – You might consider this questions.. Is the literature/content included relevant, concise and clear? Does it set you apart from your competitor? Are your contact details visible enough? And lastly does your card attract another conversation?
3. SIMPLE LAYOUT – Your prospect might consider writing a reference note for him/herself on your card. Ensure it’s uncluttered and that readers can easily find information.
4. MAKE IT MEMORABLE – Consider how long your business card sits in your wallet. If it’s not durable enough, then you loosw out on your prospect. A good design and a good feel for your business card will be like a warm handshake to your client. A bad feel and design is like shaking a wet noodle.
Consider uses different finishes i.e Velvet, Spot UV, Embossing letters and even Matte finish. These could go a long way yo cater for prospect personas(create personal relationship).


We recommend that you put the right information on the front of your business card. This would include the name that you want your prospects to use, the name of the organization or company you are attached to and your contact information.
To make a good business card, we also advice you break away from the normal. Don’t do what everyone else is used to. There are a myriad ways you could make this happen and make your card truly striking. This would include adding some special treatments to the cards. Some of them would include Metallic ink, foil blocking, Matte and spot-UV, just to mention but a few. These special finishes to your cards adds some level or elegance to your simple designed cards while still making them memorable.
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