Affordable screen printing services in Nairobi Kenya

Affordable screen printing services in Nairobi Kenya

Even after the introduction of digital garment printing, screen printing remains the best process for printing textiles. We are proud to introduce to you our affordable screen printing services in Nairobi Kenya


Screen printing is a printing technique used to push ink through a mesh stencil onto textiles. Each colour in your design requires a different stencil (or screen) to be made. Once the screens are made we make sure all colours line up (or register) to one another. We then print all the garments on an automated press which is capable of incredibly precise, repeatable printing on 1,000’s of t-shirts a day using the same screens.

Since we introduced affordable screen printing services in Nairobi Kenya we work tirelessly towards improving our print quality & efficiency. Every part of the process is handled with precision so we can produce high quality screen printed clothing with absolute consistency and ever increasing efficiency. This means we can produce unrivaled quality screen prints at very competitive prices and with a fast turnaround time.

Finding a solid T-Shirt screen printing services company can be harder than you think. This is a service that has to be executed with all attention to ensure that your brand and identity stands out from the rest. We dare you to try our affordable screen printing services in Nairobi Kenya either or individual or corporate level.

We have successfully provided custom affordable screen printing services in Nairobi Kenya for over 5years. Our expertise with environmental friendly water based inks produces the finest looking and highest quality custom screen printed apparel/garments. Our affordable screen printing services in Nairobi Kenya ensures it is easy for you to get ready and in-stock 100% organic garments as well as traditional non-organic apparel. Apart from providing affordable screen printing services in Nairobi Kenya, we also deliver every job in time, looking exactly as fine as our clients had hoped for.

Affordable screen printing services in Nairobi KenyaBy entering our website we believe you are in the right place if you have been looking for custom t shirts,corporate apparel or a trusted screen printing company in Nairobi Kenya.

We print on personalized shirts i.e Polo and Round neck t-shirts, Bags, Caps and Wrist bands, Pens etc. We provide free artwork consultation to all our customers.
Our customers can use the highest quality soft style shirt, create the most intricate artwork they choose and experience a custom t-shirt that feels softer and is more durable.
Our experience over the years makes your project run smoothly. Let’s face it, you’re simply looking for a nice shirt for your company, event, club…whatever your project’s for…and you probably need it “yesterday”! As you’ll soon find out, you’ve come to the right place.

However, when we can use them, we prefer using water based inks: they’re softer to the touch, last longer on your shirt and are the most environmental friendly of all the textile printing inks. Although we are proud to serve some local and international clients, our T-shirt business is built on the foundation of our small customers, we’re proud of that.

We are a company that prints custom t-shirts & corporate apparel.We specialize in high-quality discharge, waterbase and plastisol printing for brands, clothing companies, businesses and more.

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